Two years of development has become the brand new Duraclutch R-Series, the very latest in clutch technology for the Polaris UTV and ATV off-road vehicles.
This premier clutch system replacement and upgrade delivers better engine braking, smooth deceleration, greater downhill control, smoother starts, and longer belt life.

Currently available for the Polaris RZR, RANGER and SPORTSMAN 570. 

All new Duraclutch R-Series Clutch Kit

Duraclutch R-Series

  • Duraclutch R-Series 15-545

    2017-2021 RZR 570 with Trans.
    #1333661 & 1334345 – Kit #15-545

    From: $950.00
  • Kit #15-552

    2014-2023 Ranger 570 Mid-Size 2-Passenger, Full-Size and Crew – Kit #15-552

    From: $950.00
  • Duraclutch R-Serie 15-553

    2021-2023 Midsize RANGER 570
    2-Passenger & Crew
    Trans. #1334588 – Kit #15-553

    From: $950.00
  • 2021-2023 Midsize RANGER 570 Clutch Replacement

    2021-2023 Midsize RANGER 570
    2-Passenger & Crew
    Trans. #1334612 – Kit #15-543

    From: $950.00
  • 2016-2017 Sportsman 570s Clutch Replacement

    2016-2017 Sportsman 570
    Duraclutch R-Series Kit #15-544

    From: $950.00
  • Duraclutch Kit #15-538

    RZR & RANGERS 570s
    Duraclutch R-Series Kit #15-538

    From: $950.00
  • Polaris Sportsman 570 Clutch

    SPORTSMAN 450, 500 & 570
    Duraclutch R-Series Kit #15-539

    From: $950.00


Variations in some models means that the only way to order the right kit for your machine is to know your transmission number. Watch this quick little video to find it so you can make sure you get the right kit the first time! 


Introducing the Duraclutch R-Series

We are so proud to tell you about the new R-Series — this is a superbly calibrated system that will make your ride better than ever.

The R-Series optimizes all areas of the clutches operation. That means you get all of the benefits of our Classic Duraclutch (smoother starts, longer belt life, and better engine braking) AND the added benefits of a smooth engagement, torque-sensing acceleration, and torque-sensing backshift.

How do we do all that? The CVT target ratio is linked to throttle position, adjusting for road-load. As a result, there is minimal under or over-shift.

This premier clutch system includes a primary, secondary, a belt, a belt removal tool, and everything you need to install it yourself.

PLUS – Free shipping to the lower 48 states! 

Let's Dig In!

The New Primary Clutch

The New Duraclutch R-Series is smooth, responsive, and durable. There are six rollers sealed in the movable sheave housing. Internal rollers provide smooth engagement with effective damping, eliminating the harsh engagement of flyweight engaged CTS. 

The sealed movable keeps the dirt and dust away from the rollers, making it a long-life primary that will perform for miles and years. 

Polaris Sportsman 570 Clutch

The New Tied Secondary Clutch

The New Duraclutch R-Series system has a TEAM Tied Secondary with premium rollers. The movable and fixed sheaves are tied through the hub spider.

The movable sheave moves axially and does not rotate during upshift or downshift eliminating scrubbing across the sheaves reducing operating friction. The torque is transmitted equally in both sheaves providing excellent torque sensing and quick response to road-load.

This is unlike other secondary’s which transmit torque primarily through the fixed sheave.

A Premium Belt

The premium Duraclutch R-Series belt by MBL, couples the primary and secondary. This completes the matched system for performance and durability.

Duraclutch Kit Replacement Drive Belt 35-047

The Best Warranty

The new R-Series system has the best warranty in the industry – 1 year primary and secondary & belt from date of purchase.